The KnowIslam Project has observed, with deepest concerns, the affairs of the Muslims in Yoruba land. We are saddened by the information we have gathered so far, thus, aiming to call us to reason and the fear of Allah.

– We have in our record, series of unhealthy debates, blackmail, slander and petitions between and amongst various groups laying claim to Islam. These names we will not publish not to give undue publicity to a vice that breaks our hearts.

– ‘Facebook Live’, which should be a good invention and utilized for the good of the ‘Ummah has torn apart the Muslims in Yoruba land in contemporary times than any other cause we could think of. The rise of many so-called ‘Muslim bloggers’ with their never-ending live videos has seen the religion of Allah used as a sport to entertain the people.

– We do have nothing against Facebook or the Facebook Live tool neither do we have a thing against blogging. Our admonition is to those who use these inventions for nefarious and obnoxious activities that are disadvantageous to the ‘Ummah.

– In the spirit of Islamic brotherhood, we deem it fit to comment on the recent brouhaha that may further divide the ‘Ummah, promote enmity and a never-ending war. By this, we mean the issue of Jaqmal and Monsurat Adepoju.

– In a viral video obtained by the KnowIslam Project, one preacher, Jaqmal, alleged that Ahlu-Sunnah members are Boko Haram citing prominent Sheikhs. In the said video, Jaqmal claimed Professor Alaro, Amir Qamardeen Ajala, Dr. Sharafdeen Fb Aden and Ustaadh Akeem Kutubi are members of Boko Haram.

– For the sake of clarity, the Nigerian government has been in an over a decade-long war against terrorist group, Boko Haram, to whom Nigeria has lost hundreds of its citizens including women and children.

– We can authoritatively say that this is a blackmail. We have gathered that the case has been reported to the DSS, which we support and think is necessary to halt something of this nature. Sadly, this is not the first time a preacher would be dragged to the court over unfounded claims. Whoever sanders another probably due to ‘Aqeedah differences or any other reason does not do so as a service to Allah but to his own interest.

– The video of a woman, Mansurat Adeola (Adepoju) Adeola, surfaced on the Social Media and sparked a lot of debates, outrage and controversy. The said woman claimed that her three children have been taken away from her for over a year, she was alleged to have mental health issues, thus calling on people to come to her aid.

– Following the video, one ‘Yesaloonaka’ had taken to the Social Media, took advantage of the distressed woman’s issue and used it to spite the Sunnah. He had said, “Ahlu Fitnah Wa Boko Haram”, while others who have a thing or two against the Sunnah, Adepoju Family or Mallam. Yusuf Adepoju of ACADIP Nigeria. While we seek to maintain neutrality on this sad happening, we want to set the record straight.

– Following debates on whether the program anchored by Yusuf Adepoju ( ACADIP) explaining what had transpired between the Family and Mansurat was necessary or not, we reached out to the Mallam seeking an explanation. He (Yusuf Adepoju) said he was reluctant to make the video but it became necessary when enemies of Islam and those who despise the Sunnah started taking advantage of the issue to pursue their interest. “Mansurat was married to Mubarak, not to Yusuf Adepoju, not ACADIP, why drag me into it. We needed to protect our name, we had to purify the minds of the people”, he said.


– We went on to ask why him and not Mubarak went on the internet to make a defense. “I work with a company whose policy does not allow me to come on the Social Media to do such. It is the job I do to take care of her, which she attested to and her children. I cannot risk the sustenance of the children because I am desperate to defend myself”, Mubarak related to us during a phone interview.

– We followed up with some fact-checks to have a proper understanding of the issue.

– Claim 1
That Monsurat is being denied access to see her Children:

In the very first live video Monsurat did at her ex husband’s work place, Monsurat told the world she has not seen her kids for more than a year. Fact check reveals that Mansurat saw her children on the 10th of January, 2021and spent more than 2 hours with them. This is a fact that Monsurat later agreed to in other video recordings.

Also, since January 10, the ex Husband has been asking Mansurat to give him a schedule of how she wants to be seeing the kids but Monsurat declined, insisting on custody of the Kids as against the Court order.

– Claim 2
Mansurat claims she was not aware of the court process.

A confessional statement made by Mansurat herself reveals that she was not only aware of the court process, she was also trying to frame her ex husband for rape in court through her house help and had connived with the house-help to say Mubarak assaults the kids with his fingers.

The KnowIslam Project obtained the audio file where the house-help revealed the conspiracy to Mubarak.

– Claim 3
Mansurat Babatunde’s Brother (Mujeeb) claims he was set up to make derogatory remarks about his sister.

Mujeeb Babatunde, Mansurat’s brother, took to Facebook alleging that he was set-up to make derogatory remarks about his sister. These derogatory remarks are part of the reasons the Adepoju family tendered at the court to justify why Mansurat should not have the kids in her custody.

Mujeeb, whose statements could evoke emotions, suggested that those remarks deemed derogatory are not true but he was merely set up.

Regarding this, the KnowIslam Project is displeased and we feel ‘gaslighted’. Following our first press release, “Beware of Mischief Makers – Yesaloonaka”, Mansurat had contacted us and subsequently, Mujeeb. He (Mujeeb) had called so we plead with Yusuf Adepoju to cancel the about 7 hours long program.

In his statements to us, Mujeeb revealed a lot about his sister contrary to his claims on the internet. For the sake of peace and not to fuel an already fueled saga, we will not go deeply into all what Mujeeb said about her. If he was set up by others, did we set him up? Perhaps, he would claim that he said good about Mubarak, Adepoju Family and rendered his sister to nothing just so the program could be canceled. If that was the case, then, that is not necessarily a good thing to do.

Mujeeb reached out to us and confirmed many things Monsurat said in her confessional statements made to Abu Rohimah. Mujeeb said to us that he was contemplating making a public video recording to debunk all what Monsurat (his sister) has been saying. It is however disturbing why Mujeeb will backslide on things he said and of which there are evidences for.

– Lastly, in the court of public opinion, there is no winner or loser. While we have urged the Adepoju family to refrain from further statements on the matter, we also urge Mansurat and her people to do the same. Sadly, the Children will be at the receiving end following escalations considering the psychological effect it may have on them in the nearest future.

– People should fear Allah and say only what they have knowledge of. If both families cannot settle the issue, the court’s ruling should be appealed. On the Social Media, the number of truly concerned people is infinitesimal when compared to those who aim to take advantage to pursue their own interests.

– Allah says in the  Qur’an that Muslims are the best of Mankind. However, let us pause for a moment, look at Islam in Yorubaland and ask ourselves how we are reflecting it.

With Allah as our witness, we believe we have maintained the path of truth, peace and neutrality. We ask Allah to forgive us wherever we might have erred.


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


The KnowIslam Project




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