A Nigerian televangelist and founder of Salvation Ministries in a viral video made some remarks that demean and disparage Somalians and broadcasters. The video was a verbal attack against Nigerian broadcaster and radio talk-show host, Ifedayo Olarinde (Daddy Freeze)

Ibiyeomie’s curses and threats on Daddy Freeze is a matter between him and the Law enforcement agencies. While the congregation continues to cheer Ibiyeomie on with thunderous ‘Amen’, he said, “I curse the day he was born…I will tear him into pieces…I will kill him…”

This short piece is to demand an apology from Ibiyeomie on behalf of the entire Black Race and Broadcasters.

The Pastor, in the video, claimed Daddy Freeze was from Somalia in a derogatory manner. Is it a crime to be a Somalian? This hate speech and Black-hating-on-Blacks statement are highly unacceptable. The term, “half-caste” is so offensive that in Australia, it could result in criminal, civil, or physical response.

Also, a privileged Pastor who feeds fat on tithes is not worthy of demeaning the Broadcasting profession as he said, “Broadcaster, he doesn’t have a good job”. While it may be true that broadcasting may not be as profitable as Pastorpreneurship, the profession is noble. Ironically, a televangelist on the TV said broadcasting is not a good job.

It is important that we state we do not intend to delve into a doctrinal difference turned personal attacks and threat to life, it is of little concern to us.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie should respectfully do the needful and apologize to the Somalians and Broadcasters for his hate speech which we want to believe were said out of anger.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman for the Black Race and Broadcasters.


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