As the days go by, we continue to see degeneration and decadence within the ‘Ummah. These degeneration and decadence need serious and urgent attention. It is however unfortunate that this is found in students of knowledge who are the sheikhs of tomorrow. Have the present sheikhs helped the situation or the students of knowledge find themselves needing no one to call them to order? Maybe both.

An ‘Ummah with so many fractions, each claiming superiority, one party trying to bring the other down at any given opportunity. An ‘Ummah filled with students of knowledge who are not remorseful, cannot accept criticisms, not wanting to be corrected, full of ego.

An ‘Ummah where the sunnah is used for self interest. An ‘Ummah that harbours students of knowledge who influence unaware Sheikhs to make corrections to pursue their own interest. An ‘Ummah that callers to the deen do not want to see the growth of others but to be mischievous towards one another.

The ‘Ummah that has graduated from her Sheikh name calling and throwing tantrums at one another on social networks. The ‘Ummah now has a masters degree in exposing the sins of one another on social networks and those who do so cannot ask themselves, “what if Allah writes my sins on Facebook, who would respect, value or honour me?

I have come to realize that Knowledge does not speak of one’s manners, behaviours or attitude. Knowledge does not stop a stupid person from being stupid but wisdom.

If facebook is the right place to discuss the issue of someone who does something that is not grievous, worthy to note, a fellow brother, Allah’s aid is sought. Those who do something worse would be there to also make comments. Hypocrisy!!!

Some deeds might look good to those who are ignorant about the intention behind it but Allah is ever-watchful and all actions will be judged by intentions.

I can say the truth because I am a Muslim, Humane and my pen is void of nepotism.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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