Dear Oyewole,

How are you today and how was the drama of yesterday? I read that after your trolling, you threatened to take ‘leg-al action’ and ended up wishing me well.

For your sake and others like you, let me tell you a few things.

Actions and consequences 

I grew up in Lagos and I can tell you the average Lagosian is a consequentialist than pacifist. Growing up, I still prefer to identify as a consequentialist.

One may wonder, if everyone turns the other cheek when they are slapped or because no one is righteous, the stone will not be thrown, what happened to our society? There would be no legal system, no law, no judge, no checks and balances. As a consequentialist, I don’t serve what I cannot take and when I do I bear the responsibility.

Yesterday, I wrote about a Hijab sister who lost her job because her intolerant employer does not want her to use the ‘shoulder-length’ Hijab, not Khimar, not Niqab. You came out of the blues calling Muslim Women ‘masqurad'(sic) till you got more than you expected.


Oyewole, I laughed when you threatened to take legal action over your picture that was posted. Were you ashamed of the picture or was there any threat? Or do we agree that you are just a baby troll?

Between 2013-2015, we dealt with crazier trolls that would call the Prophet names, put pigs on the Kaabah and other nasty stuff. You started the trolling by not just calling Muslim women names, you went on to upload different pictures, even my own pictures you took from my Facebook gallery.

Just one picture of you, you started wailing. Trolling is not good for you and not for anyone but some of you need to be trolled back to your senses.

On the Hijab

The Muslim woman has been commanded by her Lord to cover her body as a sign of modesty and obedience. Given that there is no compulsion in religion, a Muslim woman submits to this law of her own violiton.

The joke was on you when you posted the picture the picture of Niqabi, Hafsah Faizal with contumely asking if one could recommend her for a job with MTN. That lady was listed in Forbes 30 under 30 and is a New York Times best-selling author and is probably bigger than your entire family.

Have you ever asked yourself why Mary, the mother of Jesus is usually seen covered unlike your mini-skirt wearing brethren?


Freedom and Rights

Oyewole, while you and your Hijab-hating folks keep on displaying your religious intolerance which includes your scorn at the Muslim men in beards, do you know that the constitution protects their rights?

It gets further surprising when a Christian is engaged in these acts. The Muslim woman appears like Mary, the Muslim man in beards appears like Jesus but a Christian woman and man does not appear like Mary and Jesus respectively. Think about it.

In the name of freedom, people of same sex are getting married, people are having 50 piercings on their faces, men are becoming women and vice-versa. A Christian apologist is not bothered about these, he respects their rights but takes on the Muslim man and woman who of their own volition submit to their creator. Whose purpose are you serving?



We will continue to school people like you on the proper definition of tolerance.

You said I was angry over your opinion, but that is not an opinion, just folly. The Muslims are one body, one family. Thus, when you call Muslim women masquerades, you don’t expect me to pat your back, I am not a babysitter.

Quoting Pope Francis, he said, “Insult my mother? Expect a punch”.

It surprises me that people like you will claim someone like me is intolerant. My intolerance is that I cannot tolerate your intolerance. Mathematically, – x- =+, therefore, if my intolerance is that I can’t tolerate your intolerance, intolerance being negative (within the context of this discuss), then, intolerance x intolerance = tolerance.

Now that your brain has been reset, I hope you go over this again and study more about Islam. Trolling you back to your senses is an application of si vis pacem, para bellum.

Don’t start it if you can’t stand the heat and hit.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

The views expressed in this article are of of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect KnowIslam policies.



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