This kind of soup is hotter than egusi, more severe than stew, more slippery than okra and more sticky than ogbono.
The soup of fitnah is what we are talking about here, during the time of the salafus saliheen, there was no social media, no phones, no midnight calls, no selfies, no movies and the list on and on ……………..
Today, we have all these trials surrounding us from every corner, how do we raise pious children in a generation like this? You may be thinking you are succeeding already, but you may have to watch your back again:
1)You may place your son on a 24/7 watch, yet you don’t know he is the admin of a pornography 18-rated group on instagram.
2)You may place your daughter on a permanent house arrest at home, yet you don’t know she is contesting for the prettiest ebony teen girl online.
3)You may brainstorm your son with tahfeez all day long at home, yet you don’t know he has his own website where people download and upload the latest music streaming the airwaves.
4)You may think you have a bashful, quiet and a modest daughter who is more of an introvert, yet you don’t know she is a rugged reggae slay queen on facebook.
5)You may have a son who keeps staying in isolation in his room, yet you don’t know he is psychologically addicted to the social media, which is why he distances himself from his real family.
6)You may have a daughter whom you have trained and nurtured with hijab, yet she shares her pictures and unclad videos with strangers online. E.t.c..
Two young lads (junior secondary school students) whom I taught were still “children” sat together and were discussing under a tree yesterday, I was passing by while trying to make a call, I stood there for a short while, then I overheard them having the following conversation:
Boy: what is your best fruit?
Girl: Its mango, you nko?
Boy: cashew and cucumber
Girl: cucumber? Cheesos (jesus)
Boy: what na?
Girl: so you don’t know what they use cucumber for, all those big big aunties use to insert it… (then she looked at me to be sure I wasn’t hearing them) then she whispered the rest into his ears.
The boy said, hmmmm make I vomit, shift shift make i faint, how you take know, amebo?
Girl: my elder sisters do tell me to buy it for them frequently, I used to peep in their room and see them using it in that place, they also use babana too.
(At this point my body was boiling and I couldn’t just stand her words any longer, I had to drop the call instantly)
She then added: I go soon try am too…..
I interrupted them, cautioned them and warned the boy not to keep her as a friend anymore, but apparently my words fell on deaf ears. When I sent them away and they took different routes, the boy screamed, “ok now, we go jam for WhatsApp later”.
We keep quiet and pretend as if all these things are not happening, yesterday was my first time of hearing that these fruits are used for obscene things like that, I believe many Muslims are aware of it already, yet we don’t admonish people against it and its harmful effects, because we are fond of labelling these issues as a “No go area”. The one who admonishes people about such issues is either seen as a shameless person or one with a corrupt mindset. The unbelievers are busy spreading immorality by every means and medium available to them, while the muslims are quiet about warning against most of this evils, yet either we like it or not, we will hear about them or even witness them on the long-run, you may think you are already raising your children in a decent home, but your kids will definately relate with the outside world, its only a matter of time before this fitaan will become apparent to even your children.
Give your children endless orientations about their physical appearance, sensitive areas, whom to mingle with and whom to avoid, distance them from the TV and gadjets, and be prayerful.
Take your time to teach the children of your neighbours as well, either you like it or not, your kids will mingle with their neighbours, it is easier to corrupt a person than to rectify it, if you build your own home alone and ignore that of your neighbours (via da’wah), their fitaan will also engulf your home one day. May Allaah save our children and protect them from the fitnah of this age, ( Aameen )
Allah says:
Evil has emerged on the land and seas because of what people’s hands have earned, by this, Allah will give them a chastising taste of some of their deeds, so that they may return (back to piety) Suratur Rom vs 41.

Written by:
Aboo Banat

Editted by Ajisafe Ashim


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