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By Allah’s Mercy, a “30-Feet Long” DA’WAH TRUCK has been purchased by the Academy of Islamic Propagation, Nigeria.


Allahu Akbar !!!
Allahu Akbar !!!



We appreciate those whom Allah used to achieve this feat, most especially Members of the ACADIP SUPPORT GROUP (Home & Abroad) who _voluntarily commit_ themselves into supporting our Cause (Allah’s Cause) with a minimum fee of #1,000 or above on Monthly Basis. May Allah reward them mercifully. Aamiyn.


Dearly Beloved in Islam, permit us to inform you how we realised Six Million Naira (N6,000,000) to purchase this DA’WAH TRUCK in less than 120 days.


N1,278,000 was raised at ACADIP SUPPORTERS’ DAY in London on May 13th 2017;


N1,352,000 was realised through the FUND RAISING DRIVES set in motion during Ramadan for the Procurement of the Da’wah Truck;


N563,000 was realised from ACADIP SUPPORT GROUP, UK from March to June 2017;


N1,808,000 was realised from ACADIP SUPPORT GROUP, NIGERIA from March to June 2017, and,


N1,000,000 was realised through loans from Well-wishers and Fans.



May Allah reward every Donor to this Laudable Project in this world and the Hereafter. Aamiyn. May we therefore use this medium to further humbly appeal to those who are FINANCIALLY CAPABLE to kindly, and for Allah’s Sake start supporting our Da’wah Activities with a minimum amount of One Thousand Naira (N1,000) “Fisebililah” on Monthly Basis.



First Bank


For those residing in Nigeria, you may also voluntarily join ACADIP SUPPORT GROUP-7 through this whatsapp link:





While, those in the United Kingdom can join through ?




Note: If you are already on any ACADIP SUPPORT GROUP, kindly do not join again, as we have limited spaces for intending Volunteers. And, for those who are not on Whatsapp, our Bank Account Details are given above:


JazaakumLlahu Khayr


(Chief Lecturer, ACADIP NIG)
+234 803 378 8439





Credit : acadip.net


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