If you flick through the pages of history and come to the beginning of our history or the history of our nation as sovereign Muslim nation, we will notice that at that time in that age or in that era, there were two main world superpowers or empires.

On the one side was the Persian empire and on the other side was the Roman empire and both of these empires has reached the zenith of power, they boasted political stability, economical prosperity, military capability and an influence that extended over much of the globe.

And then there in the drayed desert of Arabia lived the Arab race, a semi nomadic group of people scattered across a endless desert their land was harsh, their climate difficult, their people scattered, disunited, uneducated, unlettered, undisciplined and on the earth of Allah it will be accurate to say that not going good for them.

So much so that the great conquerors of the past, past them by and didn’t even look at them twice they didn’t consider them people worthy of conquest, Alexander the great past them by, the Roman past them by, the Persian past them by.

They were unnoticed, insignificant, uneducated, unlettered, undisciplined, disunited and scattered groups of peoples that added up to nothing in the canal of human history, they were small psychologically, I don’t think you will find too many people in the canal of human history who buried they’re own daughters alive.

Politically they thought small, they aim small, one of their greatest man, it is later on but the reference I’m giving here is in his days before Islam, a man came and asked him ya Umar what is your biggest aim in life, what is your biggest goal in life, what do you want to achieve in life, what do you live for, he said I hope and I wish if I could have herd of camels that I could breed and milk and live comfortably that is my aim in life. There we’re small people their population is not as big as the other countries.

And yet Allah Rabbul Izza, choices, prepared this unnoticed, unlettered, undisciplined, uneducated, disunited group of people to became the primary promotes and propagates of the one true religion of God.

As we are told the history in our Madarasa I studied it and contemplated deeply about it but for the life of me I’m thinking ya Rabb the Roman were there, the Persian were there, armies were there, Government were there,Governance were there with their ceremonies.

And you opted for this unnoticed, disunited, undisciplined, uneducated Group of people to became the custodian and promoters and propagates of the salvation of the human nation.

And yet when this group of people, semi nomadic group of people hovering on the bring of barbarism entered Islam, As the Qur’an says:
Chapter: 2- Al-Baqara 208:
” O you who have believed, enter into Islam completely [and perfectly] and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy.

When they entered it entirely, when it became their life and their focus and their purpose and their everything within a few decades this insignificant, unnoticed, undisciplined small uneducated nation expanded and extended from Granada in Spain on one side to New Delhi in India on the other side.

There is history making a point here, my LORD is teaching a lesson here and that point and that lesson is this you can be the lowest of low the most insignificant, unimportant, undisciplined, disunited nation on the face of the earth but if you are to cling to this rope of Allah.
Chapter: 3- Aal-i-Imraan 103:
“And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. And remember the favor of Allah upon you – when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you His verses that you may be guided.

You will reach the pinnacles of human achievement there is not a second truth beyond this and so far as they held onto this Deen there was no another nation that could show light to them, history called them touch bears of light and education.

At the time prophet (PBUH) came to Makka historian recorded that there were 18 people that could read and write in the whole of the Makka but by the time prophet (PBUH) left Arabia have became teachers of the whole world and the same Umar Ibn Khattab (R.A) who yesterday wanted to have herd of camels they asked him now after Islam ya Umar, what is your goal in life, what is the purpose of your life, what is your mission in life, what do you want to achieve in life and what do you want to live for? He said I want to strive and struggle till the Deen of Allah reaches every corner of the globe.

The small became world knowable, the unnoticed became significant, the localized dreams became world version and the secret formula of the change and success was Islam and is Islam.





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