1. No Muslim attacked Tani Ọlọhun, he got attention after burning the Qur’an.

2. Tani Ọlọhun was not arrested because he was calling towards Traditional Religion. Rather, it was on account of defamation.

3. The correctness of the manner of his arrest and keeping him behind bars for over 72 hours and counting according to the constitution is debatable.

4. Any human rights activist can make number 3 his or her priority. That is what should be challenged. Challenging whether what Tani Ọlọhun did is legally correct or not amounts to enabling disruption of public peace in the name of activism.

5. Muslims are not the aggressors in this context. The constitution allows freedom of speech but not of defamation. It is within a citizen’s right not to be defamed and to seek legal action as it is equally the right of the accused to be fairly tried.

My opinion:

Let both parties be fair. For those supporting Tani Ọlọhun, think about what he is accused of. For example, if everyone is granted the right to burn any religious book as they wish or defame anyone, what will happen to the society?

For those that arrested Tani Ọlọhun and the officers in charge of the case, from a religious perspective, I will say Allah loves those who are just and as per the constitution, an accused must be tried according to the law. Hence, in the process of Tani Ọlọhun’s arrest and trial, make sure you are fair and just.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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