All praise be to Allah, the LORD of all that exist. Eid Mubarak everyone.

A Revert who was hosted last year by a sister was the first person to ask if we would be having our “Host a Revert this ‘Eid” for this year. The person who hosted her had taken her as family but is not in the country at the moment. AlhamduliLlah, we did organize and linked Reverts with Hosts.


“Assalamualaikum brother Bashirr

Trust me I really enjoyed my day😁😁😁

He really welcomed me well

He even gave me food and meat to take home

He now gave me money”

These messages came from a Revert who was hosted by a noble person yesterday. This morning, we called all the Reverts that were hosted and AlhamduliLlah, no one gave a negative report. We meticulously chose hosts to link with the Reverts that are available. Our “Host a Revert this Eid” initiative is a great way to give the Reverts a sense of belonging and integrating them into the Islamic community.

Our Reverts Waqf Initiative is aimed at seeing to reverts Financial, Spiritual and Psychological challenges. Officially, it has been paused to be relaunched in 2021, In shaa Allah. However, those who want to donate should send their contributions to;

Bank name:          Union Bank

Account number: 0124575739

Account name:     Knowislam Project


Kindly do not send donations without going through Reverts Waqf Initiative document downloadable on We seek a long term partnership.


May Allah help us see to the end of the COVID-19. Our Host a Revert this ‘Eid next year would be better, In shaa Allah. May Allah reward the hosts and make steadfast the feet of the Reverts of the path of pristine Islam.


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman for the KnowIslam Project.



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