In The World Of Nafs

A day in the world of Nafs
so much privilege I’ve got
to seek among the dwellers
one of which I’ll love to have

In that world they are just three
Mut-ma-in-na, self at peace
Am-ma-ra, the opposite
and reproachful Law-wa-ma

First, to self at peace I seek
Tell me what I stand to gain
if you’d be my head of state
in this life till afterlife

“With me you can rest at peace
and be free from life shackles
for I’ll present you good deeds
and ensure you stick to them

but for you to earn this feat,
yield not to self-desires.
In the domain of Allah
I’ll lead you to, I promise”

Then to Am-ma-ra I asked
How could you be opposite
when your fellow is at peace?
I trust there is more to this

“Don’t mind that Mut-ma-in-na
Focus on self-desires
Nothing is more plausible
having Shaytan as ally

No more suicide like Jihad
and wasted wealth like Zakat.
Life is for you to enjoy
Save account for tomorrow”

Now I’m feeling dejected
Deeds should be ill-good or good
What else do I need to know?
Still headed for Law-wa-ma

“Let me keep your mind at rest
Seems you like both incentives
Guess that proves you are human
With me, you can alternate

I’ll guide you to self at peace
for that’s the best you can have
When you turn to Am-ma-ra
I’ll make you feel remorseful”

Oh my single entity!
What a privilege you’ve got
to know more about them all
so as never to foul up

If you want success and help
from Allah the Almighty
Life should entice you the less
Indeed, you’re a passerby.


Nafs: Self
Nafs al-Mutmainna: the self at peace
Nafs al-Ammara: the self that urges evil
Nafs al-Lawwama: the reproachful self.




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