LIBERALISM AND EXTREMISM; THREATS TO DA’WAH (Buhari ọmọ Musa as a case study)

In our world today, more attention is being given to extremism and the negative impact it has on the religion. However, a careful study of the lives of liberals and the extremists should bring anyone to the conclusion that “The liberals and extremisms are brothers.” Distorting and negating fundamental teachings of the religion are required to be a liberal or extremist and anyone who studies the religion from the lives of a liberal and extremist misunderstands the religion.


Islam is a religion that understands and teaches respect of our religious differences. It is against hypocritical friendship/relationship.

The verse “Lakum deenukum wa liya Deen” does not mean not saying the truth about your religion in the presence of other religions. If someone cannot tolerate the truth from your religion, his level of tolerance should be questioned not yours. The essence of the verse is understanding and respecting our differences not tolerance, compromise that breeds nothing but hypocrisy.


The evils of liberals and extremists are much. In summary, when the religion asks you to leave people of other faiths to their religion, a liberal goes to practise their religion with them while the extremists would decide to harm them in the name of He that sent them not.

To a liberal, the one who practises Islam as it should be practised is seen as an extremist while the extremist sees him as a liberal.

Someone who studies Islam from a liberal sees the Muslim as an intolerant extremist. He sees the liberal as a perfect example of a “good Muslim” thus misunderstanding the religion. The liberal goes to celebrate the death of Jesus with a Christian to the joy of the Christian. Such Christian might know or not that the Qur’an says Jesus was not crucified; what a friendship based on lies, falsehood and hypocrisy!!!


One who studies Islam using the extremists as a standard also misunderstands the religion because to him, the extremist justifies his actions with the Qur’an while he sees the liberal as a “moderate Muslim” that does not follow the “extreme” teachings of the Qur’an.


It came as a surprise to many when Buhari ọmọ Musa was invited to a Celestial church to deliver a lecture on “Holy Mary in Islam” in a “Blessed virgin Mary feast”. Buhari ọmọ Musa went as an “Islamic lecturer” only to pray in Jesus name.


While it is not on me to declare someone as Kafir, does praying in Jesus name not amount to associating partners with Allah? Did he pray believing or hoping the prayer would be answered or he just did to buy the audience? Whichever, they are not befitting for someone who claims to represent Islam.


The likes of Buhari ọmọ Musa are threats to Da’wah. They deface Islam and make Muslims that practise Islam as it should look extreme. The thousands of liberals will justify their actions by what Buhari Ọmọ Musa and his likes do.


How can an average Muslim tell a Christian during a discourse the meaning of Lakum deenukum wa liya Deen without the Christian referencing Buhari ọmọ Musa and his likes. Such Christian will further query the Muslim’s Arabic knowledge compared to Buhari ọmọ Musa’s.



If there is an Islamic body that sees to affairs like this, Buhari ọmọ Musa should be cautioned and such lecture should be stopped in future. How can an Islamic lecture conceal the word of Allah when an opportunity was given to him. If he cannot, why accept the invitation in the first place.



This is a Fitnah and silence is not golden in this regard. If he cannot declare himself an entertainer, we can urge him to change, help him with prayers and let people know that Buhari ọmọ Musa does not in any way represent the Muslims perhaps his stomach.



It is sickening to read a comment from a Christian, “Celestial church and Islamic practises are similar”. innaliLlahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un. My response, “Yes, the Celestial church practises can only be similar to a Yorubalized version of Islam”


Extremists and liberals do not represent Islam and they can never be perfect examples of a Muslim.


As we sought Allah’s aid, may He rectify our affairs. Ameen.


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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