Niqab, the veil that preserves her beauty
Keeping it hidden for it is precious
Makes her shun indecency, keeps modesty
You veiled and protect her from
The scorching sun and harsh weather
You are the true beauty of a Muslimah.

Many asked why she chooses to wear you
Many discriminate her and call her names
That change not purpose of wearing you
You are the true beauty of a Muslimah.

Some think of her to be uncivilized
Because she chooses to be decent
Decent, civilized in obedience to Allah.

You make her unique in her dressing
Only few people understand her purpose
A niqab is not just a veil or cloth
But a covering for the precious muslimah
It is the true beauty of a Muslimah.

A Niqabite considers her beauty,
Body too precious for public consumption
She wears Niqab for Taqwa and Iman
Obedience of her Creator she holds firm.

Never underestimate a Niqabite
She covers her head but not her brain
If a diamond could be so precious,
Buried deep beneath the earth and rare
A Muslimah in her Niqob is more precious.

Written by Fatima B Alhaji


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