LET‘S GO BACK TO THE BASIS by Abu Mus’abilkhayr, Abubakr Yusuf Ozemoya Irekpita

Series 1: Introduction

All praises and adorations belong to ALLAAH, the Lord of the worlds.
May HIS peace and blessings be upon The Prophet, Muhammad, his household and all who followed his footsteps until their last days on earth.
The thought of making people understand what the Islamic Monotheism is has long lingered in my mind, and how to go about that is not but to first seek the Islamic knowledge of what is and what Islaam is not. One certain evening, the news of the death of a person I know reached me and I just recalled how I used to be when he used to go to Masjid. I had to pen down the importance of and why we should pray and to encourage people to do so in all gentleness. Then I wrote at the tale end

The next day, I did same though with a different message this time, and that was how I continued. Many people have actually suggested I make bring the series into s book form and it may be useful to guide young Muslims and kids. But, as far as I think, it will be s distraction from the books of scholars on the subject. Maybe in the future, if ALLAAH destined we will be people of substance, then such ideas may come. We pray ALLAAH make the series beneficial and serve the purpose for which this came to be. May HE purify our intentions and guide our steps aright.