It is amazing that Nigerian Christians are now bothered about fact-checking a news. The Nathaniel Samuel’s story has seen lots of scrutiny and analysis from Christians in Nigeria.

Truth be told, if Nathaniel Samuel, who attempted to bomb a Church was a Muslim, CAN would be on a ‘wailing spree’. In fact, the news does not need to be checked, needs no questioning, no analysis and scrutiny would be needed. On the TV, he would be a Muslim Terrorist, in the Paper, (if he was Fulani ), it would be, “Fulani Muslim Terrorist”

The prognostication that, our reactions to information, the media and sensationalism, our hypocrisy and religio-ethnic bias may consume our country may not be an exaggeration.

While Christians have been fruitlessly trying to prove Nathaniel Samuel’s story was staged, history shows that we have, just like Muslim terrorists, many Christian terrorists who have been identified too. Unfortunately, some of the Christian terrorists may have died in the bombing process and are called Muslims because they could not be identified. Here’s a bit of history…


1. In Bauchi, Lydia Joseph was caught on September 12,2011 attempting to bomb St. John Catholic Church in which she attends.

2. Mr. Adams Joseph Ashaba, was identified as the Boko Haram suicide bomber, who allegedly masterminded the bombing of the Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN) in Jos, the Plateau State capital on February 26, 2012 disclosing that he was actually a member of the church.

3.On December 28, 2011, Emmanuel King was arrested in an attempt to bomb RCCG in Yenagoa where he camouflaged in Muslim Attire.

4. A non-Muslim trader was said have gunned down a dozen of Igbo businessmen of the same non-Islamic faith inside the Christ Apostolic Church in Adamawa on Friday January 6, 2012.

5. Still on February 20th 2012, there was the case of unexplained Kaduna Pastor who was shot in an attempt to force his vehicle through the security barricades at the entrance of the state Government house.

6. A member of Christ Embassy Church at Suleja was linked with the church bombing of February 21, 2012.

7. Sheikh Gumi also confirmed that those who bombed themselves in an attempt to kill him at Ramadan Tafseer session were non-Muslims.

8. Other similar cases included that 8 Christians who attempted to bomb a Church at Miya-Barkatai, in Toro Bauchi State.

9. The cases of John Akpabu at the Radio House Abuja , the claims of contribution of a retired custom officer in Jos and the recent news about the serving Minister Patrict Abba Moro demands more intelligence investigations.

10. On Sunday February 2nd, 2020, one Nathaniel Samuel was apprehended with explosives at Living Faith Church in Kaduna.”

Those who want to disprove Samuel Nathaniel’s story should do same to others. If you think a fact-check is necessary, do same when a supposed Muslims is the culprit.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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