Ajisafe ( Abu Mujaahidah)


Dedicated to ” The Muslim Children ” all over the world.


Myself I compose when I

Grownup become looking high

My senses when come to me

The best I prepare to be


My rules – lest I should forget

I make a book which I pet

And make the letters my wall

Which I browse each time I call


Eh!  What a perfect way Tim

It’s good to be a Muslim

The wall reads to me each day

Rules my head must not let stray:


That there is none testify

But He who created the sky

Whose name is Allaah and that

Muhammad is His prophet


Each day five times till you die

Pray – heaven with world you’ll buy

Zakat as it’s call’d do give

The needy it helps to live


Without food do stay the poor

Fast the ninth month and be pure

To Makkah be a pilgrim

Ready you are a Muslim


Lest I should forget the rules

And become I like the fools

The wall of my room read doth

The rules that pillared my faith


“Tim” is an English friend of the writer, a prospective revert.

© Ajisafe [email protected]


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