British Pop Legend Cat Stevens, who converted to Islam many years ago and since then has been called Yusuf Islam, caused a big fuss in the media during a visit to Turkey.

One of the journalists from the Turkish news agency asked him the following question: “What do you say about Islam that you have now accepted which allows a man to marry four women? How can you logically justify this? How could you accept something like this as a westerner and an enlightened musician?”

Yusuf Islam replied, “You claim to know my previous state. Before I became Muslim, I was with so many women that I don’t even know how many there were.

I wouldn’t even know if I had children from these women. When I lead such a depraved life, you were thrilled by me. Now I have become Muslim and I’m only married to one woman. I don’t intend to marry a second woman either. Just as the Islamic order of life allows the man to marry up to four women, it also imposes on him a number of duties regarding women and children.

In the west, there is no such responsibility. A child doesn’t know his father and a father leaves this world without even once seeing his Children.”


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