As-salam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu

In a way to set things right at our end considering the conditions of our learners THE ARABIC CLINIC management has yield to the call of modifying the online Arabic learning course and the development is ascribed below;

*The course structure is now a function of 65 basic/important lessons upon which the language reclines, understanding these 65 topics will be on the basis of a sincere effort to help learners to learn the Arabic language within the shortest possible time without the least interference with normal life and work.Thorough study of one lesson a week will give working knowledge of the Arabic language in almost 20 months.*

*Each lesson must be mastered before the next lesson is studied, learning a foreign language requires a general idea of Syntax and morphological structures of its words*

*The lessons will be presented in piecemeal or bits by bits to promote firm understanding*

*There will definitely be changes that as regards our payment to inform some form of seriousness and curb our lackadaisical attitude to learning*

*Remember our sole aim is to draw your wits closer to understanding the Quran and others sources of religious jurisprudence*


Contact +234 805 290 2969 for more information…


*Jazakumullahu khayran*





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