As-salaam ‘alaykum warahmatuLlahi Wabarakaatuhu,


The Knowislam Project, in 2015, launched her website This is in line with her objectives to;

* call mankind to ‘Know Islam’,

* portray Islam in proper perspective contrary to the mainstream media,

* call to Islam and contribute to the progress of the Islamic World.


Consequent upon the above, we have taken a step further by launching the Knowislam Reverts Waqf Initiative as an attempt to have a well-established project to address the Spiritual, Psychological and Financial challenges that the Reverts to Islam face.


The idea to come up with this noble project sprung up in 2018 and was immediately followed with discussions, deliberations, consultations and fore-planning.


Our goal is to raise the sum of Ten Million Naira (#10, 000, 000) within a year which would be invested in a long-term business. We have produced a document explaining the Reverts Waqf Initiative. Kindly visit our website to learn more and also download the document.


Individuals and Organizations can make pledges for the project for as little and as much as they desire within this one year. Kindly send donations to;


Bank name: Union Bank

Account number: 0124355681

Account name: Knowislam Project (Reverts Waqf)

Download document:

May Allah reward all contributors and make the project a successful one. Aameen.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman (The Knowislam Project: The Reverts Waqf Initiative –


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