Know Islam Seeks Help #Igbomuslimslivesmatter

Sister Aishat Obi has been at the forefront of speaking and standing against the intimidation and oppression of the Igbo Muslims.

Last month, religio-tribal bigots hid under the #EndSARS protest and destroyed Orlu Central Mosque in Imo state, after 10 Muslims were killed in Rivers State.

Sister Aishat bravely went to the destroyed Mosque to record the incident for the sake of information and documentation. She was pursued by the ‘hoodlums’ and sustained injuries.

The KnowIslam Project received a distress call on threats to her life. As a quick response, we gathered resources to get her and her daughter out of the danger zone as soon as we could.

Sadly, all our sister and her daughter could leave with were the dresses on them.

The KnowIslam Project seeks to raise the sum of #300, 000 to get out sister and her two kids back on their feet. Kindly donate to;

0113094562 UNION BANK (Knowislam Project)

Watch full interview:

Lucas Bashir interviews Aishat Obi on Life as an Igbo Muslim

NB: The Knowislam Project is teaming up with other Islamic organizations to monitor the life of Igbo Muslims in Igbo Land. We are committed to promptly respond to the call of those who desperately need to move out of the region in a case of threat to Deen and life.

We are brothers!


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