The Know Islam project has condemned the killing of Muslims and the destruction of Mosques in Igbo Land.

The statement came following the destruction of Nsukka Central Mosque by non-Muslim Igbos. A fight between an Hausa and Igbo man was said to have led to the destruction of Mosque.

Commenting on the incident on Sunday, Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman, the CEO of the Know Islam Project said,

“The recent killing of Muslims and destruction of Mosques is an unacceptable act. Sadly, this evil is not in the news.”

Nsukka Central Mosque
Nsukka Central Mosque

Lucas also expressed his fear over a reprisal attack. He said,

“We would love to appeal to our brothers and sisters in the North. The media houses are seriously mastrubating and waiting to ejaculate all over the social media that churches are being destroyed in the North.

We plead that patience is exercised. Do not kill Christians and do not destroy their churches in the North.”

Recall that ten Muslims were killed in Rivers State while Orlu Central Mosque was also destroyed by hoodlums in October.


Lucas also expressed concerns over the contribution of some religious leaders to the crisis. He demanded that Christian leaders in the North and the South-Eastern part of Nigeria denounce the killings and destructions.

One Rev. Godfrey Igwebuike was also accused of inciting violence on the altar.

“Christian leaders especially in the North and South-East should speak against and denounce this evil being perpetrated against both indigineous and indigenous Muslims. We have seen the likes of Rev. Satanfrey, sorry, Godfrey Igwebuike preach hatred and made Islamophobic statements on the altar.”, Lucas said.

In his closing remarks, Lucas called for peace and warned against a tribal and religious war. He said,

“Not denouncing these acts would make us understand that these are collectively orchestrated attacks. It is 2020, we should have gone past tribal and religious wars. We call for peace!”




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