You are dying and you don’t even know it, never sought coming but you are so young, so much life, so much loving, so much hope , so much sorrow, I guest so much forth tomorrow, your family will miss you daily still can’t believe that your gone,because the nexus of a son kin, they still think you are coming home, when things don’t go our ways the entire world must be wrong , they say wasn’t your time but to Allah we belong, your soul leave your body before you had the chance to say good bye and can’t you and expect within the bling of an eyes.

You are busy with this world when you feel a tinkle in your spin, your heart began to rest, your eyes become blind coming closer to the light was this attract from your mind or did you really just cross this life’s finish line.

The cast of bamboozle is that everybody gonna die, in the world where everybody just try to stay alive even if your not ready it will come anytime doesn’t ask your permission doesn’t need you to call a sign, the dark is getting ready and end of your world has been asign, your mother help to wash your body one last time. Pray your ‘’Janaaza’’ it was raining, cats and dogs are crying, they put you in the ground and now you all alone, you hear the footstep of your friends as they begin to mourn we wish you all the best so sad you had to go.

People talk about death what about when death talk to you, remove the soul from your body will you finally say is true, the good may die young but the bad still gonna die too every soul taste the sip from this restless fruit, this is day your promise your grand day view no turning back now, no make up, no reduce from this point on there is no need to review is just do or die and your case just do is so your the real absolute movement of truth and just like that perfectly on queue. Two Angels enter your grave sit you up and ask you;

But in this world you only worship, you obedient to your heart desires a slave to your own views.

Hmmm don’t say was this Deen [That is Islam] your last names never stop you from your wicked routine.

You heard the people saying [His] name but you never stop to depend [HIM] when they said it in vain You didn’t pray the long nights, you didn’t fast the long days, you didn’t even bother to ask forgiveness from your mistakes, you didn’t have any fear, your sincere that QUR’AN in your book shop was just non-useful book it was quite clear that you love this place, and never though that you have to witness what is await [death] well get ready for your faith the promise of your LORD was great, when your brought right back from that why don’t you came and make no mistake because the scales make no mistake indeed every deed shall have it due weight, so deceiver as you sink into your seed (ground) is too late you will be squeeze into the seven seeds (grounds), you disused all your chance to prostrate, where is your those friends of yours that deceive you by saying your enjoin or you’re a big nigger let them keep you save from the wrath of your ‘LORD’ or perhaps you find mercy from the money you chase why can’t you stop and take break to look into your future.

ALLAH [s.w.t.] said ;
‘’And surely what comes after is better for you than that which has gone before’’. 93;4

But look at you, you are a definition of a looser doom to dwell in the hell fire oh well at least it suite you, every moment you woke you receive your reward to feet on a fire who’s fuels is men and stones boiling past and chains and your skins ripens from skins to bones begging the keepers of fire to lighten the loads but this is exactly what you ask for, you choose to amend, you refuse to repents, you have the answers to the taste and your still the improve for eternity you will rest in lowest step,step by step I must comfass.

You are dying but you haven’t died yet but with every single heart beat you get closer to your final breath, yesterday your one day closer to your grave, today who even know that you will finish reading this to the end I just pray you are ready for your final exams until that day don’t you dare die except in the state of Islam, heaven and hell are just the choices that we make, turn back to your ‘LORD’ before is too late.


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