Here i am

I the long awaited guest,one of five pillars of islam
Which every muslim Ummah has been waiting for
I am the month of blessing with 30/29days

I am the bond that keep every muslim Ummah
Either you are a suffi
Either you are Ahl Sunnah

I am the month that comes with a blessing of 30/29days
A blessing of 30/29days worth than that of hundred days
I am the month that comes which opens the door of heaven

I am the month in which the holy Qur’an was revealed
I am the month which comes around that even unbeliever feel me
I am the month that gladdens the heart of the needy

A month with a 10 strong night
Where every ayyah recited is a blessing
Every saddaqah is counted

I make u feel what the poor feels in means of hunger
To make you have a feeling of empathy
I make you share gift within one another with love

Here i am the August visitor
A visitor the kings have been waiting for
I am the visitor whom the richest are waiting for

I am the visitor whils it divine reward are multiple
I make you have a feast at last 30/29days
I make u cry in sujood to gain reward

Dear muslim Ummah i urgue you to please
Never have grudge againt one another
Forgive youselves even if painful nd u shall earn the reward

Its me the August visitor


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