Islam – Our way of life By Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman



Our way of life

The path on which we strive

Our pride, their fear

Fear of the Kuffar

As the days go by

So many die

Man doesn’t take heed

He consumes inheritance with greed

The orphan, he threats harshly

To the poor, Rudely

Let man but think and wonder

Reflect and wonder

When hell will be brought nearer

For man is no helper

Surely, he will remember

His remembrance will provide no shelter

The day man will run helter-skelter

Remembering no son nor daughter

Man here is the ungrateful

Unrepentant and forgetful

How unmindful is man!

He watches the sun rise and set

On the path to paradise, he is not

Lost in the Dunya

Who will help him when men gather

To give an account of their deed

Let man but take heed

For those who have faith and do good deeds

Promised in the akhira is a life of ease

Who has faith but he that believe in God

Allah, the irresistible, Our LORD

None is equivalent to HIM

Who believes in God except he that fears HIM

Who fears him except he that does HIS will

The will of the Robbil ‘Alameen

Who does his will but the Muslim

In the ocean of righteousness they swim

From the true path, many have gone away

May we not go astray…


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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