It is important that we correct the misconception that practicing Islam equates embracing the Arab culture. The Prophet of Islam (Peace Be Upon Him) was an awakening. He didn’t blend Islam into Arab culture, rather, Islam is a culture of its own which is from whence came the term “Islamic Culture”. Thus, Islamic culture becomes the moral foundation of a conscious Muslim, hence becoming a Muslim’s Malum en se.

If the Saudi government decides to approve homosexuality today, it doesn’t automatically become the Islamic culture. This explains why a Muslim or group of Muslims somewhere may appear to want to be more Islamic than the Arabs. Using the Arabs as a standard to judge what a Muslim should accept or reject contradicts the bedrock of Islam.

The society should be progressive, however, if the progression contradicts the essence of the human being as in homosexuality, it makes more sense to retrogress to a state that’s consistent with our essence.

The Arabs had a culture before Islam, yet, they bought Islam which was relatively new as at that time. Some Arabs had claimed they will follow the way of their fathers but Allah says even their Fathers were in error.

Europe had a culture that predated Christianity. There was a time the Church ruled Europe even though it could be argued it was Roman culture blended with Christianity. As much as the Church does not hold ground as it used to, Europeans are not calling towards an awakening that asks its people to go back to a time where they were savage.

In the name of Zulu culture, some groups in South Africa parade women with bare breasts dancing and raising their hands in the name of African Spirituality.

While different African cultures have practices and traditions peculiar to them, do we merge with good aspect of these cultures with the seemingly primitive ones a là burying queens with Kings, abobaku-ism, oro procession that’s a dread to women and the likes?

Before the culture is even accepted, how has it progressed and if we call towards retrogression, like the time before Mary Slessor abolished the killing of twins?

Let’s T H I N K

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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