I approached dad using same method – prayer and hope. He was happy (as against my pessimistic thought), and consequently gave his unflinching endorsement. He noted the fact that I wasn’t financially able but his consenting to it was for one reason: that no lady had ever been known with me. That was the day he opened up on my mum’s fear as regards my sexual potency. He narrated how mum had fearfully insinuated that I was probably impotent because she had never seen me come home or roam the street with a girl. That got me into an involuntarily laughter. “So this had been mum’s notion of his son all these years?” I quizzed rhetorically.

What would I be doing with a girl when I wasn’t ready to be legitimately glued to her as hubby? That would lead to nothing but zinaa – the reason many could not boast of their chastity after marriage. Those who promised themselves platonic relationships (love without sex) equally have a sorry tale to tell. If one isn’t good to go, why grow wings? If the package isn’t ripe yet, why the garbage? That’s why I kept to myself as enjoined Islam.

Dad was happy and he did express how impressed he was with the kind of life I had chosen for myself. “Why won’t I give you all the fatherly support you desire and deserve of me? After all, you’ve done me proud by completing your varsity education. If marrying you a girl of your choice is the way to pay back, I will not hesitate to give it my all,” he added to the glad tiding.

Dad isn’t a Muslim, remember? Imagine the healthy mind which is lacking in many Muslim parents today. Rather than do as he did to prevent their children from premarital sexual relations, they refuse their hearty request not minding the corresponding moral, spiritual repercussions. And it pains that at the fore front of this unwholesome mess are people of rank and file occupying one office or the other in our mosques and organisations. Isn’t it about time we had this corrected in order to rejuvenate the lost value of chastity in our society?

Mum never thought twice before keying into my passion to become a husband. Her joy knew no bound that her supposed impotent son had become potent so suddenly. Even with her pennilessness, she wouldn’t mind spending her all to kickstart the journey of her turning a grandmother.

Allah had got me the hearts of my parents and madam’s mum. Next and final was my would-be father-in-law from whom a favourable response was anticipated. Hmm! Something unforgettable happened.


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