They are kids but the wonders they do can kill. The oldest of the gang is just 8, and they have been practically involved in the height of hate.

One thing led to another and I got the boys interrogated. The tactical way my questions were evaded was not only startling but worrying. How could such infants be that criminally pragmatic? This generation is apparently doomed with the way kids are groomed. I doubt if there will be boom except the glooming flu is booed.

I brought out a cane and dealt some strokes on each of them – fayofayo! “I will confess, ustadh,” one of them screamed in panic.

Who says beating should be abrogated from our education system? There are certain offences that should attract some degree of flogging. I doubt if I will ever be convinced of the campaign against beating. What I will never give to is deformative punishment where the child is indiscriminately beaten and the body defaced with bruises and internal injuries sustained. That’s criminality.

“We used to fuck them,” they began the unscripted story of the vicious soap. “Fuck who?” I asked softly throwing aside the cane to show that they would be lashed no more. “We fork Sade, Tade, Bade and Lade (real names withheld),” they chorused. I was shocked but acted as though it was no big deal. “Where did you do the fucking?” I quizzed. “In our house,” said one of them. “So tell me, how did you fuck them?” I probed inquisitively. They gazed worrisomely at each other. Despite my friendly persuasions, no one seemed bold to do the dirty narration.

I dealt another episode of caning on them – fayofayo! And swiftly, they spoke out – more comprehensively than expected. It is perturbing that among those youngsters was a toddler of about 4. What a sorry tale too aching to believe!

“They would sleep on our bed with their panties pulled off. We would float on them with our trousers pulled down. And we would fork them,” one of them narrated. I was moved, touched and dismayed by the unimaginable tale.

Where could those infants have possible learned such? Your guess is as correct as mine. Where else other than in home videos and foreign movies.

Aside rehabilitatively counselling those innocent kids, I gave a special invite to each of their parents. And on blowing the aching trumpet, they were all struck-dumb to the mess. Their mouths were opened up in surprise as though they were as guiltless as a newborn. Insensitive parents. Irrational groomers.

No doubt, many kids are into the aforesaid without the knowledge of their parents. When parents are off to work, they view different immoral phenomena on Africa Magic, Zee World, Channel O etc. Some parents are so insensitive that they watch those nonsensical films with their children. And where there seem to be immoral scenes, they cause them to close their eyes or ask them in. Hasn’t the evil reared its ugly head already?

What about parents affording their children easy, unregulated access to their smart phones? That’s another phenomenon that has inflicted damage on them and the society. Smart kids can easily log on to blue-film sites if parents’ sights aren’t on them.


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