Shall I tell you the story of a city?!
A city that walks with its hands,
Sees with its legs,
and bears upon it’s back.
A city that walks on the road with empty- headedness,
With two eyes that carry blindness with callowness.

O dear!
Shall I tell you the tales of a city?!
A city that has its days as black nights,
With firmament so dark with not a ray of lights,
Ocean that houses knowledge reaching out for rain in the season where even the eyes shed tears of dryness.

Listen as i narrate the story behind the fall of a city,
A city that wallows in the obsolete of the other side of the earth,
Not the Mars nor the Mercury,
But in a small room that cloaked the tattered hope of our tomorrow.

Knowledge with every breath
People are more in need of knowledge than food and drink because they only need food and drink once or twice a day – but they need knowledge with every breath they take”
.~ Imam Ahmad

~Dream-Arike(Amori lateefah)


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