Today, it has become very difficult for people to understand a simple piece of writing. When people read, they murder the contents, twist it to serve the negative mindset they have. Consequently, we continue to see a total misunderstanding of very simple articles.

Following the publication of Imam Sanni K’s, “Are we all Tabligh?”, we have received very funny and negative feedbacks from some brothers who are part of whatever they are not talking about but it is there in their comments on the article.

It is necessary to say that Sanni K’s article is not an attack on anyone who is Tabligh, in fact, it in no way attempts to dishonour them, rather, an attempt to sensitize and educate people and to set the records straight.

A brother had commented on Facebook lamenting how the criticism is not expected from me. In fact, someone told me that I need to know the linguistic meaning of Tabligh, to which I replied, “Yes, we do. We are talking about the practical and theological implications here. The article is not an attack, rather, a defense, clarification, and disclaimer

As a truth seeker, I am very concerned about the words and terms I. In 2018, we published an article, “Cleric does not belong to the Muslims but to the Church” without any problem from these people. We simply looked at the root of the word, ‘Cleric’ nd discovered that Muslims can do better by retaining Sheikh, Ustaadh, Imaam etc…

It is erroneous and misleading that when you practice the Sunnah and based on people’s ignorance, they call you a Tabligh. It should be understood that when we leave this form of understanding without correction, then, all that is Sunnah would be termed Tabligh. As a Da’wah and Educational website, we have made it a priority to set the records straight and put things in a proper perspective.

This is not to ignore the contribution of the Tablighi Jama’at in the spread of Islam and an attempt to spread knowledge of the Sunnah, however, terms need to be used correctly. It is not an attack, it is a necessary clarification. You grow your beards, jump your trousers and everyone starts calling you Tabligh while some are patient enough to ask.

Annoyingly, someone asked me if I believe Tabligh ae Muslims! WOW! Well, at the time of this writing, for me, all Tabligh are Muslims, but, not all Muslims are Tabligh (any contrary opinion could be sent to my email address: [email protected])

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman



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