CCNetwork is a charity organization institutioned by my brother, Waliyyullaah Olayiwola. A time ago, they raised funds for J(a kid) and eventually J was cured but with a lesser amount needed for the ailment. The team visited his mum to call back the excess money from his mum. But it wasn’t that easy. The mum won’t return the money.

After that incidence, a lot of funds have been raised, even without involving charity organizations. It only took a team of fundraisers, a graphic designer and a sympathizing public. Some have been successful while others were not.

Fundraising is a serious effort and if one is ‘lucky’, it could travel far and wide in no time. No matter the amount, it is only a matter of time before it completes.

Even after the fundraising is complete, one thing is always certain: the fund is for the public, not for the family. The essence of fundraising is for treatment which starts after it is complete. What the public deserve is not deafening silence. They deserve prompt updates from the fundraising team about the stages of the treatment. If it involves traveling out, let them know immediately it is done. If there is delay in the process, let it be known. Also let the public be privy to the expenses involved occasionally.

The thing is, people will continue to raise funds for a long time to come. Given the laborious efforts involved in raising money, why can’t the funds raised be recycled? I mean in the event of death, the fundraising team should also be involved. The excess fund should be used for other people. This should also be promptly monitored.

We need prompt monitoring because of many things that have been seen but can’t be mentioned here. May Allaah protect us and our family. May Allaah not test us with terminal illnesses.

So in a nutshell:
👉🏿 Fundraising is public property. People deserve to know how it is used.

👉🏿 Fundraising team are to represent the public. They need to be transparent.

👉🏿There is need for prompt updates at least every week on the stages of the treatment.

👉🏿In the event of death, the fund should be recycled and used for another people.

Written by Abu Rushdaa


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