As-Salam Alaykum WaramatuLLAHI Wabarakatuhu.

Allah said this about honey:

“Fihi shifaau li nass (in it is a cure for mankind).” Surah Nahl.

Ramadhan(the blessed month) is upon us again, the month where muslims mostly make use of honey.


Its directly from the dense forest, from the picture, you can see the dead corpses of the bees, particles of the nests and hieves.

So if you want it unsieved, you can get it raw like a virgin honey, if you also want it to be sieved, you can also get it like that.

Whichever one they prefer, this is only to show its originality.


No dilution, no sugar, no water and no mixture at all.

Our minimum sales rate is 2litres while our maximum is 200litres.


So if you are interested, indicate in the comment box and you’ll be sent the price tags

And you can get to us via:

Phone: 081 3270 4656.

Email: [email protected]


You have tasted the rest, now its time to taste the best!!!


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