By Balogun Abdulbasit Umar

Between fear and hope lies a sinful servant.
Who is unsure if his deeds are enough to save him.
And is hopeful of meeting his Lord,
Oft-forgiving and merciful.

Between fear and hope,
Sits a fearful servant.
Caught up in his fear of getting pauperized,
And still, He raises his hands,
Day and night, just for him to be granted wealth that will suffice him.
After all, he is calling Ar-Razzāq who grants; wealth to whom he wills.

Between fear and hope , lives a man and his wife.
Witnessing the decline in morals of children.
But still ask for Allah to grant them theirs.
Knowing that He is the one who grants good offsprings.

Between fear and hope,
A servant seeks refuge.
From the torment of the grave and—
Of the afterlife.
He abstains from sins and vices but knows that only His mercy can save him.

Between fear and hope,
A servant does good deeds.
Prays, fasts, voluntarily and otherwise.
Hopes that they lead him to paradise,
And fears that his intentions would not fail him.

Between fear and hope,
This is where we stand.
We hope for his mercy.
We fear his doom.
Hasten to good deeds.
Abstain from vices.
For the end is near.



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