(Refuting the wrong perception of the word “JIHAD” to the Non muslims and against ascribing the whole Muslim community as terrorist)
The Bible said In Hosea 4:6 that my people(christians) are destroyed due to the lack of knowledge. After Reading this , I believe many will go back to study Islam not Muslims.
The word Jihad which is now misunderstood by the Non Muslims, means to strive or struggle, never mean fighting or killing. Let me give you an example , when you read hard day and Night to pass your exams .That struggle and all the striving you are doing to make sure you pass that your exam is called JIHAD in Arabic. That is working hard or struggling or striving, when one strive to give his Son good moral upbringing is also Jihad, but never mean any holy war, The term Holy War that the person refered to as Jihad, its obviously wrong , rather the word Holy war in Arabic is termed “HARBUN MUKADDASA” which is no where to be found in the Quran or any thing of my Noble prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H)
Jihad never means to fight anybody, I can see the word the Christian brother used was Holy war which he also said means Jihad ,that is to fight the Non Muslins for the sake of Allah. That is totally wrong perception and I believe after reading this short Writeup , the misconceptions will be cleared away.
This is not a fight or a debate but just to Let you know that we Muslims are wise and all the moves done by the media to tarnish the image of Islam will never be successful. In one of your paragraphs you said Allah commands to kill the christians while your Jesus tells you to Love everybody, Im telling you now that Jesus was never your own and will never be your own, Jesus was never a Christian but a Muslim, because Jesus Christ submit Him self to the Almighty God and he believes in Almighty God alone not 3 in 1, (Mark 12:29, Deutronomy 6:4, Luke 4:8,John 5:30), Jesus said you should love everybody, but you shouldn’t be quoting short verses, if you are talking of your peaceful side why not dropping verses like Exodus 2:20, Deutronomy 13:12-19, 1st Samuel 13:1)
The Quran never tells anyone to kill anybody, Infact the right to Religion that the Quran gave to People is no were to be found in order religious Books. The Quran said in Chapter 6 verse 108 “And do not insult those they invoke other than AllOEh” Also the Quran makes it clear in Quran chapter 5 verse 32 “Who ever kills a soul ,its as if he has killed the whole of man kind and also who ever save a soul it is as if he has save the whole of Mankind” further More the Quran gives the right to religion in Quran chapter 109 verse 6 “For you is your religion, and for me is my religion” Also in Quran chapter 2 verse 256 it says “No compulsion in Religion” in summary of the above paragraph ISLAM DID NOT TEACH ANYONE TO KILL ANYBODY, AND ALSO ISLAMS CONDEMNS ALL SORT OF TERRORISM. IF YOU SEE ANYBODY GOING AGAINST THE ABOVE VERSES( BY KILLING OR BY FORCING ONE TO FOLLOW A RELIGION OR BY INSULTING SOMEONE THAT FOLLOW A PARTICULAR RELIGION) IS NOT A GOOD MUSLIM AND DON’T KNOW WHAT ISLAM IS ALL ABOUT.
We are all aware that in every community there are black sheep, what the media do is to pick the activities of the black sheep of the Muslim community and ascribe it to the whole Muslims in general which is totally not fair to us the Muslims.
I wonder how the Christian brother think that the Muslims were asked to kill for the sake of Allah and im pretty sure the Environment that me and Him are in now, have a greater percentage of Muslims than the Christians,because Islam is the world fastest Growing Religion in the World with Millions of followers everyday, So my brother should think it in these way , If my Religion Islam commands Me to kill the Non Muslims, Did the Christian brother think he will be alive by now to wrote this thing he wrote against Islam,
Allah never says Kill the innocent and go to heaven rather Allah says Who ever killed the innocent it is as if he has killed the whole nation and he is going to Hell as a reward for his bad deeds. Just Imagine, How Sweet and freedom wise these statements are.
In Refuting your second to the Last paragraph that you said you exposed the naked truth about the Evil in Muslims belief, All I did was to laugh because you did not expose anything because there was nothing bad to expose in Islam, and as you can see Everyday the thousands of People running away from your faith and coming to my own, why because they have seen the light and the peace in it. You also said it already that the Religion is growing day by day, How do you think Thousands of People will leave your own which is peaceful and come to my own which is EVIL.
All I urge you is to seek and study the Islam religion not to stay from a far distance and portraying Islam, Even your Bible says you are destroyed due to the lack of Knowledge (Hosea 4:6)
I do wonder when the issue of the crisis in the north east Nigeria arise,we the Muslims are being killed and displaced and a Christian that is not affected in anyway will be saying that they are affecting him, Actually im just wondering . Why not do the analysis of the crisis and bring forth the result lets see who are affected most. Boko Haram are depopulating the Muslims not the Christians , go to the IDPs and be a witness,but that doesn’t stop the Religion from growing.

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