We wake up each day in search for our daily bread,


But theirs is to praying for their breath to be spare,


Watching their loved ones dying,

There is nothing they can do than crying,


Crying and praying to Allah,


Hear their plea Oh Allah,


Oh Allah, Ya Allah,


Save Burma from their trial,


To be born a citizen of Burma,

Is something that has been predestined,

Even before it’s conceived in the thought,

They are tortured and being killed for who they are,

And there is nothing wrong in believing in Allah holding on to their faith and looking up to you Ya Rahman,


Oh Allah, Ya Allah,


Save Burma from their trial,


Some pray for a luxurious life,


But their prayer is just to have a life,


Feeding is hard for them as there is no peace of mind,


Likewise shelter is difficult for them too,


A peaceful life is to them a dream,


On their behalf we beseech you Ya Kareem,


Despite their suffering,


They never stopped believing in you Ya Jabbar,


Oh Allah, Ya Allah,


Save Burma from their trial,


I can feel the pain of the children of Burma,


Who have dreamt of what to be , looking at their loved ones dying,


The dream fade away from the mind because so helpless they are,


Don’t put us in a situation where we will regret being part of the Ummah,


Oh Allah, Ya Allah,




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Save Burma from their trials,


For you are the Most High


Dul- jallal Wal ikram,


There is no Saver except for you Ya Allah,


They have nowhere to run to, hear their call Ya Kabir,


Oh Allah, Ya Allah,


Save Burma from their trials…




Bello Nafeesah @ Knowislam.com.ng


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