About two weeks ago, I and a brother, Abdul-Azeez Abdul-Razak (Java) were on our way to the venue where ACADIP lecture in Epe, Lagos State was to hold when we heard a feminine voice saying, “Bashir! Bashir!! Bashir!!!”.

We stopped and looked back out of curiosity. Lo and behold! It was ‘Balikis’ (as we used to call her back then). Balikis was my classmate in the Secondary School. I had recognized her instantly, “Balikis?” – yes, Balikis.

We exchanged pleasantries asking one or two questions. Surprised that she called me Bashir instead of Samson, I asked her, “Who told you I am Bashir”. The last time I saw Balikis, about 10 years ago, I was known as Samson to everyone.

Responding to my question, she said, “Haha, I know you are now a Muslim. I watched the video of your reversion. Are you not with Yusuf Adepoju”. We exchanged contacts and went our separate ways.

After ACADIP lecture in Oshodi last week, I decided to stay back in my hood where Balikis still lives. I visited another school mate who lives on the same street with Balikis and we decided to call. We met, talked about old times, pranks and all the Secondary School dramas.

Balikis continued to express her surprise over my reversion. During the course of our discussion, we mention how we despised each other back in school. We could be likened to sworn enemies. When I asked her if she remembers why we used to fight back then, she said yes and reminded me.

The excited young lady was quick to remind me that the primary reason we fight a lot was because I never stop telling her that she would convert to Christianity one day and also marry a Christian. I used to repeat that to her annoyance that we exchanged words and punches. I had to pray that may she not be unfortunate to leave Islam and become a Christian.

Indeed, guidance belongs to Allah. Do not mock the disbeliever. The believer may die a Kaafir and the Kaafir may die as a Mu’meen. May Allah make us die as Muslims submitting to His will and not test us with Kufr. Aameen.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman