On the 3rd of November, 2019, The Ikorodu Branch of The Academy of Islamic Propagation (ACADIP) organized an empowerment programme for eleven (11) Muslims.

The event which took place in Ikorodu, Lagos State was aimed at supporting Muslim businesses and to set a pace in seeing to the financial needs of Muslims who require assistance.

The beneficiaries of the empowerment programme were issued cheques and equipment necessary for the development of their businesses. The presentation of the empowerment kit was done by the Chief-Lecturer of The Academy of Islamic Propagation (ACADIP), Mallam Yusuf Adepoju.

While most of the beneficiaries received equipment needed to get their businesses running, e.g., Deep Freezers. Sowing Machine, Washing Machine, generators etc., they also got cheques as listed below;

Mrs. Lawal shukurat ( Adeoye) :100,000

Mrs. Omotosho Aminat:125,000

Bro.Hassan Iginla: 135,000

For ;Mrs. Khadijat Oyedokun: 200.000

Miss. Aishat Opakunle: 40,000

Mrs. Rahmotullahi Mustapha: 100,000

Mrs. Alli Balikis: 100,000

Mrs.khadijat Arowolo: 100,000

Mrs. Alirat Adewunmi: 100,000

Mrs. Mufuliat Abdurasheed: 100,000

Mrs. Motunrayo Haishat: 100,000

The event is the very first from ACADIP, Ikorodu Branch and from ACADIP, by extension. ACADIP Ikorodu Branch has set a pace worthy of emulation by the Muslim populace for the needy Muslims.