Some days ago,  the media reported the brutality of fasting Muslims inside Ikun Ekiti Central Mosque by the hoodlums who hid under Egungun masquerades.


They didn’t only inflict various degrees of injury on the Muslim faithfuls, they also destroyed properties worth millions within and outside the mosque premises. Yet, the Ekiti state police command exonerated them, claiming that they are faceless! Did I hear you say faceless? Lol


Below is a picture of a masquerade arrested by task force for disturbing the peace of a neighbourhood somewhere in Lagos.


The masquerade otherwise known as Ara-orun was allegedly ordered to lie flat on the ground and lashed some strokes of the cane. Lol Let’s call a spade a spade, the attack on the Muslims in their mosque is a sacrilege of the highest order, and should be condemned by all peace loving people, including the Oba David Olatunde Olusola and the police, who were accused of complicity. Despite the fact that the Muslim community complied to their illegal curfew by leaving their women at home, these devil incarnates have the effrontery to attack our brothers inside the mosque, the house of Allah, _Arinfin Nla! Peace and tranquility can not reign where there is injustice. And to avoid future occurrence, the perpetrators must be apprehended and brought to book. No citizen under disguise of culture and tradition has right to take laws into their hands in a country where there is a leader. – Rasheed Abubakar is the author of Muslims And The Threats Of The Media



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