O dear brethren,
Hold your horses and listen to me as I talk from my heart,
As I sink and see depths,
As I mail to you a generation that has become degenerated,
Of looters who turn leaders,
Of murders who are called mothers.

Can you see how the dark layers cover the white,
Do you see how we’ve been wallowing in promises;
Promises full of empty spoken words.

O dear brother!
Come,let me show you how we built our houses with wind,
How we dine and wine in insincerity,
How we feigned feelings that a child can even see through,
How we became the slave of our own souls,
How our white heart turns black;
A very deep black,
For lie lies between our teeth.

O dear sister,
Come,let me show you how we’ve become prisoners inside the world of calumny,
cloaked in the terrene that houses lips of fibs,
With no hope of redemption through our darkened souls.

O dear one,
Of what use is the housefly to a sore except to turn it into a gangrene?!

Of what use is insincerity to the race of man than to turn it into a dust?!

Listen to the home of truth;
When children axe away in the groves,
The old and grizzled observe where the tree falls,
As long as lice exists on our heads,
Our fingers shall be blood stained,
And as long we celebrate insincerity,
Our lands shall know no peace.

©Dream(Amori Lateefah)@


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