Today as we celebrate, we also remember the Family of the Butcher in Kano whose life was taken in a despicable manner by ignorant people who claim to have done it in service to Allah. May Allah forgive him, grant him Jannah and comfort the family.

To the non-Muslims who have taken advantage of the unfortunate event to take a jab at Islam, you should come to the understanding that these people are not representatives of our religion. If the act itself was condemned by Muslims, that says it all.

Islam is against jungle justice and anarchy. The implication of allowing anyone punish another for blasphemy is that if I hold a grudge against someone, I could go somewhere and accuse him of blasphemy so an irate mob could punish him; this is not Islamic.

A recurring incident from a particular location or people is not ignorable. Muslims in Sokoto are not necessarily better than the ones in Makkah or Medinah, yet, we seldom hear cases of a gang-like murder of a Muslim or non-Muslim on account of blasphemy – it is the duty of the Court.

Consequent to the above, the Government needs to take the Western education of the masses in Sokoto seriously while Islamic Sheikhs teach them Islam and the enlightenment that comes with it. Most people who commot this crime understand very little or nothing about Muslim, thus, acting ignorantly thinking it’s in service to Allah. These are what you get when people are poor and ignorant at the same time.

Dear non-Muslims, actions condemned by Muslims cannot be an argument against Islam. Waiting for an ignorant person to commit a crime then blame Islam and Muslims for it is not only irresponsible but also depicts your own version of ignorance.

Lack of proper Islamic education and poverty led to the reprehensible murder of the Butcher, not Islam.

‘Eid Mubarak. TaqabalaLlahu minna wa minkum

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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