Over the years, different Christian denominations have risen making it difficult to know which of these denominations are really following the teachings of Jesus christ and which are the heretics. Each denomination with one or two differences in contrast to other denominations ranging from the number of books in their Bible, mode and time of worship and who exactly is to be worshipped.

It would surprise no one to know that Muslims have a unifying mode of worship, very unique, facing the same direction and reciting from the Quran consisting of the same chapters. I think it is high time Christiandom rose to address and solve the problem of disunity among them.

The Muslims have a central mosque at local, state, national and international level respectively unlike Christianity. Now, the question is, is it possible to unite all Christian denominations probably by having a central church where different denominations can worship?? It is almost impossible or else the points listed below could be addressed /tackled.

I think one of the first step in successfully having a central church is for the Catholic Church to ask the protestant churches to “BRING BACK OUR BOOKS”. It is obvious that the Catholic Bibles consist of 73 Books while the protestant Bibles consist of 66 books. After the protestants rebelled/revolted against the Catholic churches, they decided that God only inspired 66books.To have a peaceful and organized central church, there should be an agreement on how many books should the Bibles consist of so that there wouldn’t be commotion in the central church.

Another issue that needs to be addressed to have a peaceful and organized central church is how to resolve the differences between the KJV Bible and the RSV, NIV and NWT Bible. The KJV Bible needs to tell these versions to “BRING BACK OUR VERSES”. The RSV Bible unceremoniously expunged 16verses from its pages whereas these verses are in the Kjv Bible. If this issue is not addressed, there may be commotion in the central church because if a KJV Bible using pastor ask a RSV using member to open to Matthew 17:21,the member would search till eternity. Some of the verses expunged from the pages of NIV, NWT, RSV includes Matthew18:11,Mark7:16,Mark 9:44, John 5:4,acts 8:37, Romans16:24 etc.

Furthermore, the idea of having a central church looks almost impossible judging by the difference in the mode of worship of different Christian denominations. For example, if on a Sunday morning, different Christian denominations gather in the central church to praise and worship God and the service was conducted by a christ apostolic pastor, if the pastor starts singing and clapping, jehovah witnesses in the building would be like, WTF!!!, we are not going to clap. They wouldn’t shout the way the pastor is shouting and the moment the pastor says Jesus is God, jehovah witnesses and unitarian Christians in the building would be like,”This pastor is High on something.

What would be done to the Mormons?? If a pastor from the church of latter day saints happen to be in charge of the service, the non Mormon members would be looking like zombie the moment he starts quoting from book of moses or book of nephi.

How about that awkward moment when a Celestial pastor is conducting the service and he orders everyone to pull of their shoes forbidding them to wear it in side the church???

If they want to worship God and they have English, Chinese, yoruba, hausa, Spanish etc speaking congregation, what language would they use in worship that’s gonna make then United??

Having a central church MIGHT be possible, it’s just going to be like “FUJI HOUSE OF COMMOTION”

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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