And I heard some Christians ignorantly jumping around the streets shouting “Jesu Jinde” {Jesus resurrects} the 3rd day and I just can’t help but shake my head.

And this came to mind from their own Bible.

Mathew 12:39 as it leads us to the subject of Three Days and Three Nights…

The supposedly “God” {Jesus} whom they claim was murdered by his own supposedly creatures {the Jews} reacts in this manner as he says, “. . . An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign (miracle), and there shall no sign (miracle) be given to it, but the sign (miracle) of the Prophet, Jonah.”


What was the “sign” or the miracle that Jonah performed that Jesus now proposes to Emulate?

Now, let me recapitulate this Mighty Miracle from the Book of Jonah for clarity purpose:

{1}—When you throw a man into a raging sea, he ought to die right? Yes!

But because Jonah did not die, therefore, it is a MIRACLE!

{2}—. A fish comes and gobbles the man; he ought to die right? Yes!

But for the fact that Jonah did not die, therefore, it is now a double MIRACLE!

{3}—There is serious heat and suffocation in the whale’s belly for three Days and three nights and, he ought to die right?? Yes!

But he did not die; therefore, it is now a miracle of MIRACLES!

In short, that same God that saved Jonah also saved Jesus {pbuh} after praying to God as contained in Hebrew, 5:7, Mathew, 26:39, Luke 22:44………

His prayers was answered and granted and so Jesus did not Die ooo!

Although some Christians will still say, “he must die o” even as they contradict their reasoning that Jesus is “God”. A God praying 🙏 to another God for safety… Laughable!

However, let’s calculate if Jesus actually Died and resurrected the third day >>>>>>>

FRIDAY Night: Either third hour Or sixth hour, he was placed in the Thumb- Night number one {1}

SATURDAY Day: he was supposed to be in the Thumb- Day number {1}

Saturday Night: he was still supposed to be in the thumb- Night number two {2}

SUNDAY Day {morning}: he was not there……………….

If for the sake of argument we agree with the Christians, It automatically means that Jesus was not in the Grave for three DAYS and THREE NIGHTS…

What we get is no more than ONE day and TWO nights. Or two nights and a day!

And juggle as you may, you will never, never get three days and three nights as Jesus had himself foretold, “according to what we read 📖 in Mathew 12:39”.

Now, even the Master of mathematics cannot help the Christians for this!

Can you now see that the Christians are giving a double lie to Jesus from this one prophecy alone?

Jesus said that he would be LIKE Jonah!

The Christians alleged and say NO!

That Jesus was UNLIKE Jonah.

Jonah was ALIVE for three days and three nights, whereas the Christians say Jesus was “DEAD” in the tomb! (?)

Jesus said that he would be in the tomb for THREE days and THREE nights; whereas the Christians say that he was in the tomb for only ONE day and TWO Nights……..

Who is lying, Jesus or the Christians?


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