In an article that was published on the 29th of March, 2020, I wrote,

“While the Nigerian Government may be doing its best, experience tells us that we cannot totally rely on the Government in this situation for a population of about 200 million people. Rather, I encourage that we follow the Islamic and Humanitarian tradition of the distribution of wealth.

While all arguments may be valid, I have tried to understand why Americans are going for ammo compared to tissue papers in Europe. There would be an increase in hunger, consequently, an increase in crime. In Nigeria, we pray against a year of great hunger and depression though a global recession seems to be inevitable.

If care is not taken, in Nigeria, people will die in their houses and crime will become very significant if Nigerians have to really stay at home. Many can stay at home but working from home is inexistent. To prevent this, we need to take the distribution of wealth seriously instead of placing the burden on the Government alone. Like it or not, we all would be at the receiving end of the social disorder that would erupt from the stay at home order.”


During a discussion yesterday, someone said he does nkt believe Nigerians could survive staying at home for a week. What he failed to raise is that people have been asking for help this past week compared to how it used to be before the lockdown.

Now, people have given and those asking have no one to ask again. Except we understand that hunger is the fastest way for a man to lose his integrity, we will continue to say the Thieves who are robbing, even in daylight are JUST LAZY.

To be realistic, the government cannot see to 3% of those who need help during this lock-down. Credit to Wema Bank, those who have should spot those who really need.

If the lockdown goes for one or two weeks more, an increase in crime is INEVEVITABLE. Therefore, community leaders should be aware of those and start to think of tightening their security, even if the youths have to form vigilante groups.


Dear prospective robber,

Kindly understand that no Nigerian is responsible for your situation. In fact, everyone is hit just as your are hit.

I also need to tell you that if Amnesty International is not seeing you now, you’ll be damned if you get caught by the people. There would be no human rights organization to fight for your right after you’ve been burnt to ashes.

Let’s give ourselves brain.


The Knowislam Project has been playing a role in providing relief to the poor during this lock-down period, kindly send donations to;

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Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman (Knowislam Project –


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