Dear Omar,
Tonight,do not cause your eyes to shed tears,do not weep at the dark corner of your room,do not watch as the sky enfold its black lining,for all that won’t pull a strand of hair and your tears; won’t remove the grasses of blood that has clothed the remains of your mother.

Dear Jamal,
Do not roll on the muddy floor to shed tears of sadness and alienation,for we would bury her to discharge our last duty on her,we would shroud her with the white garment.

Do not weep on the deceased but pray for her,pray for Allah to save her from the torments of the tomb and the hell,stretch your arm forth to pray for her creator to forgive her shortcomings.

Do not fret for I will cause my pen to write some verses for her,
Verses of a world of contradictions and opposites,a world that shouted for peace but quietly worked for war,a world of hope and despair,a world of plenty and scarcity,
A world which built edifices;scraping the sky and which buried the edifices in the abyss of the bottomless pits.

Dear Omar,
Do not miss her food,do not ache for her hug.

Omar,do not long for her to come back home for you would embark on the same journey,you would thread the thorny path,yes! You will,you and I will,our beloved would shroud us with the white garment, they would follow the pallbearers to carry our remains into the tomb,and we would be no more,we would become rotten bones,our names would be forgotten, and we would be raised to account for our deeds.


©Dream (Amori Lateefah)


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