World female population is more than the male population, In USA, the women outnumbered the number of man by 7millions. New York also has one million females compared to the number of males and of the male population in New York, one-third are gays. If the principle of “one man one woman “would take place in such society, then there would be more woman without Husband in the society.

This would subsequently lead to promotion of lesbianism in the world and lesbianism is forbidden by Allah and it warrants Allah’s wrath. May God protect us from his wrath.

So, restricting each and every man to have only one wife is not ideal and practical.

Supposing my sister happens to be one of the unmarried women or suppose your sister happens to be one of the unmarried women, provided the principle of “ one man one woman ” has been enacted. There are only three options left for her, which are; either she engages in lesbianism or becomes public property (prostitution) or she marries a married man. But the modest ladies will opt for last option.

However, most women do not like to share their husband. But in this situation, it is necessary for the Muslim women in due faith, to bear a small personal loss than letting other Muslim sisters to become public property.

Women marrying married men will reduce the rate of adultery and fornication. Adultery and fornication has become rampant in the society.

Islam prohibits both adultery and fornication as it is clearly stated in the Glorious Quran;mmmm

“And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is an immorality and is evil as a way.”( Quran 17 vs 32 )

Most especially, Church pastors are mostly spotted in this act. When they cannot marry a second wife and cannot hold or resist their sexual urge and desire, the next thing they think of is committing adulteries, which leads to them being disgraced publicly, when eventually caught.

I don’t need to start listing or enumerating their names, we all know all those famous pastors who preaches “me and my wife” and still committing adultery. There are very many of them on social media that their cover ups has been uncovered.

However, am not disputing to the facts that some self proclaimed Islamic leaders or Alfas also get engrossed in this shameful act and am not also saying it is all pastors that engage in this immorality. In every team, there will always be black sheep. But they are far behind compared to the pastors and Fathers who can’t hold their sexual urge and still preaching ‘one man one wife’ which have no evidence in their scripture.

There are other several reasons why Islam allows or permits limited polygamy. But it is mainly to protect the modesty of Muslim women.

Before dropping the pen, I will like to highlight briefly a misconception that is very common in our society by Muslims and Non-Muslims, most especially the Yoruba’s;

“me ni olorun wi”

Me : ‘me’ can be mejo, metaleladota, metadinlogoji, etc.

The phrase “Me ni olorun wi” is nowhere to be found in the Quran. But people keep saying it with confidence as if they were the one who wrote the Holy Qur’an.

So, I urge my brothers and sisters in Islam to stop reciting poem of “ Me ni olorun wi ” and also stop what Allah (S.W.T) has not said to avoid his wrath.

May Almighty Allah forgive our shortcomings and make us among the blessed one in this world and in the hereafter… Aamiyn.


Asbdullahi Al – junaid ibn ogungbemi @ .Knowislam.com.ng.


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