I wish I could write a story about Allah,

but it will take me more than a billion years to write a page,

I will spend all the ocean as ink,

To write Alhamdulilah,

I will pencil all the trees to say Subhannallah,

I will use all the feathers as Qallam to Praise my Lord,

And I have not just written a page,

The ink of a Scholar,

Is mightier than the blood of a Martyr,

I will study the Quran and the Hadith,

The Science of Fiqh,

The book is a Sign not a Science,

But if my Lord grant me success in this world,

I will spend my time in the path of my Lord,

All my wealth and health,

Will be in the path of Allah,

And if Allah grant me Janaat firdaus,

Then I shall not even bother to write,

I shall be among the company of Rasoolulah,

Peace be upon him,

I shall stand before my Lord,

And I shall wonder,

How beautiful my Lord is,

The Creator of the world,

And the heavens,

The Master of the day of judgement.

Ameen Olorunnimbe.



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