Recently, Hate crimes and islamophobic attacks has been on the increase, and Muslims are the majority at the receiving end, while the media is relatively silent about this attacks.


Yet another of such attack, a week down and the perpetrator has not been brought to book


“I genuinely believe it’s something to do, it’s definitely a hate crime, I believe it’s something to do with islamophobia, maybe”.


This were the words of Jameel Muhktar who was attacked with acid alongside his 21years old sister while they were in their car.


Jameel Muhktar who got blinded by this incident affirmed that if the victim were whites, and attacker was Asian, the suspect would have being arrested within 24hours.


We pray Almighty Allah grant the victims quick recovery, make them firm upon this path of Felicity (Islam) and restore whatever they might have lost due to this incident. Aamin



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