Shaikh Mustapha Zuglool Sunuusi is a native of Ikirun in Osun state. He was born on 18th of August 1938. He was one of the earliest students of sheikh Adam Abdullah Al-ilory. Sheikh Adam said a lot about the brilliancy of this special student of his. He was truly his pride. He ( sheikh Adam) once said ” if I’m asked by the angel on the day of kiyaamah, what good have you done? I would say – proudly- ‘I taught Zuglool’ “.

He started his early learning from his father sheikh Muhammad Sunuusi before he resumed in Markaz, Agege at the age of eighteen. He became a scholar under the tutelage of his teacher; sheikh Adam. This was evident when he traveled to many Islamic countries in 1960 where Arabic and Islamic scholars marveled at his prowess. He had many presentations which signified he qualified to be a graduate of university or even more just like his teacher.

He became a senior instructor at Markaz when he came back from his journey. He was granted Diploma certificate in 1967 in Markaz. Having realized his endowment and capacity. He requested to be excused so he could expand his tentacles and exhibit his full capacity in disseminating and impacting knowledge. He established his school; Daru Dawah wal irshad in 1970 at Mushin before it moved to its new and current site at Isolo in 1980/81.

Sheikh Mustapha Zuglool Sunuusi is a successful researcher in Islamic historiography; a field that is wide and usually reserved for the _Jami’iy_ ; graduates of universities despite the fact that he only graduated from Markaz, Agege. His works merited the works of graduates from universities of the world. He was an erudite, a prolific writer a murshid and a da’iyah.

His school; Daru dawah wal irshad at Isolo has graduated hundreds of students in Arabic and Islamic studies. His death will be a great loss to Islam and Ikirun in particular. I would like to personally conclude that I lost a father who had been my great mentor. The same way I lost his brother too Sheikh Yunus Sunuusi some years ago. I am still mourning even though we have taken fate. Inna liLlaah wa inna ilai rajihuun. From Allaah we have come and to Him we shall return.

May Allah forgive him of all his shortcomings,amin.

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Ajisafe A.K ( Niceman) @

غابت شمسى

الشيخ مصطفى زغلول سنوسي

هو الشيخ مصطفى زغلول سنوسي، ولد في ١٨ اغوسطس ١٩٣٧٠، تلقي دراسته الابتداءية من والده محمد السنوسي، فلما بلغ ١٨ من عمره، انتقل الي مركز التعليم العربي الاسلامي باغيغي ولاية لاغوس نيجيريا تحت رعاية الشيخ المرحوم ادم عبد الله الالوري حيث تلقي دراسته الابتداىية سنة ١٩٥٥-١٩٥٩٠٠
انه تبحر كثيرا حتى تفخر به استاذه وقال ” لو سألت يوم القيامة ماذا فعلت خيرا لقلت ” علمت زغلول ”

فلقد زاول بنية الصالحة مهنة التدريس في المركز المذكور كمدرس، ثم قام بعون الله تعالي برحلة الي لبنان في دورة تدريبية، وزار بعدها قبل العودة من لبنان بعض البلاد الاسلامية، منها مصر، سوريا،القدس،الاردن،السعودية عام ١٩٦٠، ثم عين بعد العودة من هذه الرحلة وكيلا لمركز التعليم العربي الاسلامي ونال اجازة ديبلوما عام ١٩٦٧.
في عام ١٩٧٠، قام الشيخ المرحوم بتاسيس مدرسة دار الدعوة والارشاد في مدينة موشن وانتقل قي عام1980’/1981١ الي مقرها الجديد بمدينة اصولو، واصبح مدير المدرسة المذكورة ومدرسا ومفسرا وخطيبا فيها حتي تغمده الله برحمته.
انى تألمت كثيرا عن فقد قدوتى و مربى و لكن المولى فعال لما يريد…….انا لله و انا اليه راجعون

هاشم قاسم اجيشفى نيسمان… .



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