by Nafeesat Omolewa


The Sad Reality in our Muslim societies today is that we’ve abandoned the teachings of Allah and His Messenger and chosen the path of destruction. Today we’ve deviated from the simple Sunnah of the prophet of Allah, take for example, marriage in Islam has being corrupted with modern western values of wedding, wearing wrong clothing during marriage ceremony, free mixing with opposite sex, singing and dancing, lips feeding, kissing publicly which are ABSOLUTELY NOT part of the teachings of Rasul.(S.A.W.) engaging in boyfriend/ girl friendship, stealing through so called (saakawa).

Zina is now a game of fun in our Muslim communities which has extended to the point of going out with non-muslims. When Allah has vehemently warned us not to move near Zina. Most brothers and sisters today have committed zina before getting married, in the name of knowing each other. There is absolutely nothing that guarantee that the longer the dating period, the more u get along with each other after the Nikkah. No matter how many years you spend together before marriage, New behaviors will always sprout after marriage. The idea of dating for long as an act of studying a prospective spouse should be killed. it’s only Allah that can guarantee a blessed home. Even after the so called dating the rate of divorce is still on the high side


Lets note that we are only deceiving ourselves and not Allah, we will account for whatever we do on earth on judgement day. If we act in anyway to please anyone other than Allah then we are wasting our time and only inviting wrath to our lives. Lets fear the day we will be alone in the grave. Our Dunya acquisition cannot help us except our acts of obedience to Allah. Have u ever sat down to reflect, cry and make tawbah over your sins? We have forgotten about the day we would be called and never be able to respond despite hearing. This life is but a deception and sooner or later, no matter who you are, or what position you are holding, one day, you will be slapped in the face with the reality of the HEREAFTER. Even Firaun was brought to his knees for his crime who then are you thinking you’ve got it all.

Our sisters walk on the street with caked face designed with different colors and body hugging clothes. WHY? WHY?? WHY??? Have we embraced this world of Ilussion so much forgetting the day wewould account for every microseconds in our lives. We have left the instructions of Allah, and abandoned the teachings of RasuluLlah. And this can only lead to destruction. Lets be muslims with the whole of our hears and run far away from the tricks of shaytaan. Why not go back to sunnah the best and easiest way of life, dont let your heart brew with these whims and desire, they are all deciet, your five daily solat are your refuge.

Surah Qaf, Verse 16:
وَلَقَدْ خَلَقْنَا الْإِنسَانَ وَنَعْلَمُ مَا تُوَسْوِسُ بِهِ نَفْسُهُ وَنَحْنُ أَقْرَبُ إِلَيْهِ مِنْ حَبْلِ الْوَرِيدِ

And certainly We created man, and We know what his mind suggests to him, and We are nearer to him than his life-vein (Jugular vein).

You can strive in this world with everything you want, and get nothing in return, except it is on the path of Allah and with Good Eeman. Once, Death asked life “why does everyone love you but yet they hate me and life responded and say because you are a painful truth which none is ready to accept, while I life is a beautiful lie. If you want true happiness, run back Allah and the traditions of Muhammad (S.A.W.) The Sunnah the better. Stop being a “modern Muslim” following the worldly desires. Don’t exhaust your efforts and waste your life chasing a mirage, chasing something Allah has promised would surely be destroyed. With all you have seek Jannah; a home that will never have new owners except you.

May Allah have mercy on us and protect us all from any acts of disobedience Aameen.


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