Ramadan has come to an end,


The shayaatin are ready to get loosed,


Some are ready to embrace them with open arms,


Some fists are clenched, not ready for the reunion,


Will you swallow your vomitous of 29/30days?


Irritating, right?


Make this Ramadan a turning point,


Without turning back,


Another Ramadan will come,


But you might not be here,


Opportunity to repent will flow,


But you might be under the soil,


Where you cannot turn around anymore,


The time is now, to hold on to the firm decision,


No vain talks, No backbite,


No alcohol consumption, No smoking,


No abandoning of Solah, No missing of Rawaatib,


No hoarding of resources, No selfishness,


Keep observing the proper Hijab and keep dropping your gaze,


Ramadan is a once in a year opportunity,


As you witnessed the last day of this year’s, There is no guarantee, None!


That the first day of the coming one will be part of your lifetime.


Be Muslim, during Ramadan and always.





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