Africans are very religious people. Unfortunately, many base their religious beliefs on emotions and their own thoughts, and do not necessarily look into their religious scriptures.

Islam and Christianity are the major religions in Africa. The adherents of both religions, for decades, have continued to associate some occurrences with God, claiming they are divine miracles. However, a scrutiny of these so-called miracles bring us to the conclusion that many are false.

It is very common to see Muslims chant, ” Allahu Akbar” and the Christians, “Hallelujah” when displaying copies of the Qur’an and the Bible (respectively) that did not get burnt or partially burnt in a fire outbreak. They say this is a miracle from God but this is false.

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Do you have a dictionary? If yes, then, try burning a dictionary with hundreds of pages and a pamphlet. It is a common fact, that, voluminous books, do not get burnt easily compared to those with fewer pages. It is no rocket science and, this is the basic reason why these books don’t get totally burnt in a fire incident.

While miracles exist, it is important that we define what we ascribe to God, differentiating it from fallacies, lies and ignorance. [the_ad id=”17001″]


Do you know that ‘Uthman B. Affan, who was the third caliph and an in-law to Prophet Muhammad burnt copies of the pages of the Qur’an when it was standardized?

“During the Dark Ages (A.D. 500-1500),

Rome burned Bibles along with their owners.”

-The Baptist Pillar


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Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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