The refusal of Academy of Islamic Propagation (ACADIP) headed by Mallam Yusuf Adepoju is not that there is no knowledge to debate them but who would want to fight a mad man that challenges him if not a mad man himself? These people are not sincere seekers of truth, they profess  religion and righteousness yet in them is no trace of religiosity or righteousness rather they are a republic of lies, scandals, fabrications, distortions and insincerity at its peak!


In Abuja, I called Simon Barminas and his likes “Empty headed rascals”. What can one say of an apologist that debates like he wants to fight, wanting to provoke anger so he could say the muslims are intolerant? Abiyamo, a blogger whose articles and money gotten from it will stand against him/her on the day of judgement posted a video. The video was an eight minutes extract from the question and answer session that transpired between Mallam Yusuf Adepoju and Simon barminas.


This Barminas, an unrepentant liar was caught with his antics and mischievousness in Abuja’s lecture. Prior to the lecture, Simon said he will debate Mallam Yusuf Adepoju but when we got to Abuja, Simon said he does not want a debate, this was after his lies of never attending our lecture was exposed by Eneye Ahmad Jamiu Emma which caused him a serious embarrassment and a psychological problem that he was not stable throughout the lecture and had to quickly grab a three wheeler to save his face.


After refusing a debate he had earlier agreed on, he was given an option of question and answer but he also declined wanting to just ask questions. What do we make of a christian apologist that is not interested in defending his faith? In Abuja, I was live-streaming the lecture and kept an eye on him being aware of how mischievous  he could be.


I went on stage to expose him after I caught him doing what should not be done by someone who lay claim to religion. Whenever he asks a question, he will ask his cameraman to record and if he is getting a befitting reply and loads of ballistic missiles from Mallam Yusuf Adepoju, he will ask his cameraman not to record!!!! What an apologist!!! Apologist or Lieologist? Do I have to talk about our videos being edited by Isang Udo Akagha and Korede Olawoyin? With Photoshop and some video editing tools, these people have successfully committed crimes against Muslims and Islam that one cannot sit to debate them. They stink spiritually!


As at the time of writing this article, I am in Alimosho to honour an invitation to attend a reception for the 29 reverts that embraced Islam in Alimosho Lecture by ACADIP NIGERIA. The organizers are playing a video of a lecture where I narrated our experience with another Christian apologist of the same Caucus who even later came to lie that he slaughtered ram for his Muslim landlord. I and Eneye Ahmad met with him for a short dialogue. He claimed Jesus is God and was a creative agent even of Mary and Joseph. We asked if he was the creative agent of Melchizedek who had no father and mother and he said yes rubbishing our King James version of the Bible asking us to use his New Life Translation which says there was no record of Melchizedek’s parents which is different from not having a father and mother. While trying to prove the trinity correct, he asked us to check the book of Genesis 19:24 which says the Lord sent brimstone and fire from the Lord in our Bible. He said there are two Lords there and when we asked him to allow us check his Bible, he bluntly refused but we were able to make him give us to check. In his Bible, the verse says The lord sent brimstone and fire from the sky… Inna liLlahi wa inna Ilayhi Raaji’un.



There are many articles on the age of Aisha already that I cannot begin to explain again. Those who hate the prophet (pbuh) most lived in his time. As much as they despised him, calling him a madman, insults and curses, no one criticized him because of his marriage to Aisha. It is also funny when people who can hardly speak arabic and have not really contributed positively to the religion claim to be reformers. If the likes of Shaykh Albanee authenticated the hadeeth, people really need to reform their senses before they attempt to reform the religion. The question that, “Can you give out your 6 year old child in marriage” is a fallacy of false equivalence. So, because people lived up to 400 – 700 years back then should make us live up to 200 years? If it was not a norm then, the likes of ‘Umar (RA), Abu Bakr (RA) will not follow the prophet (pbuh). Some mischievous people amongst us only use the marriage to show their hatred for hadeeths.


Yesterday, I intended to launch a Jihad against who does not profess religion but cannot hide her hatred for Islam and Muslims. I stopped because many Muslims of today do not have ‘Umar, Abu Bakr, Uthman, Sheikh Albanee etc as their role models but Beyonce, Olamide, WIzkid and this is where they get watch what comes from them hence making it difficult for them to unlike the facebook page. No Muslims that understand his/religion will like the page. Indeed, there is an urgent need for correctness of ‘Aqeedah in this ‘ummah. An “Ummah where a self proclaimed Fadilat Sheikh is organizing end of the year prayer, asking people to bring three eyed coconut. SubhanaLlah!!!


There are many important issues to see to than sitting down with liars and mischievous people in the name of debate. As we continue to strive towards Allah’s Cause, as we expose the lies of those who hate Islam, may Allah strengthen us, accept our deeds as acts of ‘Ibaaadah and make correct ‘Aqeedah easy for Muslims. Ameen

Watch the full video on the explanation of Aisha’s marriage instead of the 8 minutes extract posted on Abiyamo

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman ( ACADIP NIGERA. CEO,


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